USSSA Rules will be followed with a few exceptions.

Teams must supply 2 new baseballs per game. Please mark all balls with team name as discreetly as possible as to not take away from the white contrast of the baseball. This is for safety of the players, so they can see the ball clearly. All used balls will be returned to teams as possible at the end of the day. New baseballs will be sold at the concession stand as well on gameday.

USSSA baseball pitching rules are encouraged but not enforced.

The home team is the official book for the game. The home team is responsible for running the scoreboard as well.

Game starting times will be 9:00, 10:45, 12:30, 2:15, 4:00, 5:45, and 7:30 (if necessary).

All games will be 90 minutes long. No inning will be started with less than 1 minute on the clock.

Run Rule: 15 after 3, 8 after 4.

Games tied at the end of regulation will end in a tie.

Pool Play Tiebreaker: Head to Head. Least Runs Allowed. Run Differential. Most Runs Scored.

Foul and abusive language is not tolerated by fans, coaches, or players. It is the head coach’s responsibility to handle their fans, players, and assistant coaches. The tournament director has the right to take appropriate action including ejection of any fan, player, or coach deemed to be acting inappropriate and malicious towards any other fan, player, or coach. Only head coaches are to address umpires.

Age and grade status rulings are per USSSA.

In the event of rain, Summers at the River will contact the head coaches of each team.

The cost to play is $225 per team/per tourney entered.  These are 3 game tournaments.

Rainout refund:
1 game 67% - $150
2 game 33% - $75

Free entry for all players and coaches (limit 3 coaches per team).

$2.50 Entry Fee for all spectators.


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